The Legendary, Amazing First Post!   1 comment

Heya, welcome to my humble blog, one of many billions of similar blogs on the Internet.  I doubt that this one will be of any note (much like the others), but on the off-chance that my blog leads to the creation of world peace, or to the invention of stable artificial gravity on spaceships, or some other cool thing like that, here’s the post that starts it all!

Now, I don’t know how or why a blog that is intended to basically be movie reviews, book reviews, etc. can lead to stable artificial gravity or world peace, but it might.  Let’s sit back and watch…


Posted June 2, 2008 by John Little in blogging, Journal, Uncategorized

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One response to “The Legendary, Amazing First Post!

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  1. Hi,

    It might help if you get some of the fact about “Artificial Gravity”.

    I don’t know if you’ve come across this reading but if you’re really interested in where our planet is on “Taming Gravity” you might want to read this Popular Mechanics Oct 1999 issue on Dr. Ning Li and her “A/C Gravity”.

    The article is titled “Taming Gravity” appropriately.

    The article does a very good job of explaining Dr. Ning Li’s A/C Gravity. It is a must read for anyone interested in where our planet is on the subject of “Taming Gravity”!

    Just do a review on the article and then you’ll be doing your duty to the world getting on with it! No!?


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