The Graysons: Prediction   Leave a comment

I’m ordinarily a perpetual optimist about such things…but this? This just…this just seems like a bad idea.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of Smallville. I love its cheesey monster-of-the-week episodes. I love its neverending forrays into increasingly melodramatic angst and intrigue. I love the implausible changes to characterization brought about by machiavellian scheming, lies, betrayal, secrets, and the inevitable ravages of time. With the premise that Smallville started with, it all fits in. I’m not even really a Superman fan and I like it.But…the life of Robin before his parents died? It’s just…what can you really do with that?

Now, I know that I’m probably overreacting a bit. I’m imagining the show as “Smallville, but with Robin instead of Superman!” And I doubt the producers and writers tricked themselves into thinking that that’s what they’d be dealing with.


I wish ’em well, but it’ll take some really stellar writing to pull this off.



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