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Okay, so, for over two months now I’ve had three Saturdays marked on my calendar to remind me about the Pushing Daisies episodes, the last three episodes of season 2 and, for all forseeable realities, the last three episodes of the series (not counting the comic books that DC is going to put out which will be AWESOME! If those comics aren’t awesome HEADS WILL ROLL! Given what I’ve heard of the subject matter, that may happen anyway, but I digress…)

For the past fortnight, ABC hated me. It didn’t come in at all. It would be perfect through the end of whatever show was on before it, and then someone somewhere would push the “make the signal grainy, scrambled and impossible to watch” button. How I hate that button, and the predictability of when it gets used (the button gets turned off for commercials, at least three-fourths of the time.)

Tonight, though? I was lucky. Sure, I had a two-episode gap in my knowledge of season 2 now, but the signal was clear.

In news that may discourage some people, I thought the actual plot and banter of the show was a bit lackluster. I know! This is me we’re talkin’ about, and it’s the last episode of a show I love and would move Heaven and Earth to bring back. The episode was still much better than almost anything else on television…but still, it didn’t seem quite as snappy. Even the vague snippets I caught the previous two weeks before I gave up on the impossible signal made me cackle a bit. This episode had me grin at a few points, but none of the expected cackling.

The last ten, maybe five, minutes of the show, though, were designed to pull the heartstrings of the fans. My theory is that some hasty rewrites were called in when it was revealed that it was the last episode of the series. I could be wrong about that, they may have known all along about that (or I may be wrong in that they didn’t know but didn’t decide to change the script anyway.) Either way, however, the ending was a nice capper for the series, including (spoiler alert) a quick multi-vista cross-pan of many of the more memorable locales from earlier in the show (among them, the windmill reserve, the church, the lighthouse and others).

Back to the plot difficulties…I think my primary problem with the plot was the ease of development. This may have had something to do with the ineptness of the villain of the week, which by the villain’s own admission was the sole reason for why he wasn’t suspected initially. I don’t have any difficulty believing that the plot progressed as it did considering that character’s, er, character, but I wish that the Emerson Codd and the Pie Makers (that would be an awesome band name) had been challenged a bit more thoroughly. (Also, as a final nitpicky thing, I do kinda wish that there had been fewer fade-outs punctuated by the image of the shark bite, but that’s more of an aesthetic thing than an actual problem.)

Having said that, it was wonderful seeing you on the air again Pushing Daisies, even if this will be your farewell performance. I was always happy to see the episodes, even this one. You are, for me, one of the greatest shows ever.

And if we need a silver lining to this? I maintain that your show never jumped the shark.

Thanks again for everything Pushing Daisies, and I sincerely hope that I’ll get to see you again on TV someday. ‘Till then, see you in the funny papers.


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