The Legend of Bill: Blank Label’s Newest Member   Leave a comment

So, I was following Twitter, as I am known to do, and I noticed an interesting tweet: Blank Label Comics was going to be getting a new comic called The Legend of Bill. I’d heard of Legend of Bill once or twice before, and I had just finished my latest archive, so Legend of Bill became my new project.

I was familiar with David Reddick’s work already, as it turned out. I had read a good number of his “The Trek Life” strips years ago during one of my Star Trek kicks (I become a low-level Trekkie once every three years, it’s probably due to happen again sometime between November and January), so I had a few expectations about what I was going to see humor-wise.

The strip itself isn’t badly done. The drawing is professionally cartoonish in a manner that many modern newspaper comics probably dream about equating to, and while the plots and jokes are relatively simple, they’re still good. Like Sheldon and Shortpacked!, this is a comic strip that knows how to use flat characters well.

I do have two mild complaints though that I hope will be addressed in the eventual future. My first complaint regards the lack of story progression. It’s been more than a year now, and as the comic characters themselves noted, very little has happened (I can, off the top of my head, think of maybe four “stories” that have happened.) I want to like these characters, and I’m eager to see what happens in the current story, but at the rate of progression we’re not going to get to Princess Gina’s homeland for another year or two.

My second complaint regards the amount of guest comics. I’m not ordinarily one to speak poorly of guest strips, but The Legend of Bill has a LOT of them. I need to check to make sure, but I’d be willing to bet money that over a quarter of the strips in the archive so far are guest comics. A lot of this is because Reddick has embraced them to a certain extent and made them a regular feature called “Side Quests.” For a good portion of the archive, these Side Quests show up once for every three strips as part of the regular programming.

Ultimately, my verdict on Legend of Bill is that I’m going to stick around and keep watching it…but I sincerely hope that Reddick can come up with some spare time to draw more frequently. You have a good start that could go far, sir, and thus far and I hope you make good use of it.


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