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Okay, so, as some of you may know, I’ve recently gotten pulled into the whole Dungeons & Dragons thing.  I didn’t mean to, but I had a few friends who liked it, I got hooked on MMOs as a gateway drug, I’ve read the Poetic Edda so I already knew lots of awesome names for Dwarves anyway…and somehow I wound up with a Level 13 rogue, a Level 7 Ranger, a Level 1 Wizard and a Level 2 News Anchor.

Uh, that last one wasn’t D&D, it was D20 modern.  It’s for a Horror campaign set in modern times that’s being played this month for Halloween.  My character’s only real skill (against all the highly trained military agents and mercenaries and such) is as a font of pop culture knowledge to say things like “No, don’t open that door.  Aim a gun at it first.”

Anyway, I’ve also been pulled into being a Game Master (or Dungeon Master for the purists), and the first session that I planned on lasting for a night took three, possibly four, sessions to get through.  I didn’t want to ruin the entire adventure with my love of mad science, so I got it out of my system with this first building, something of an alchemist’s lab gone awry.

Anyway, while I’m happy that they finished the dungeon after killing the Glod Dragon (that isn’t a typo.  They also found lots of Glod Coins, a potion that turns lead into Glod, and a spinning wheel that spins Glod out of straw), I’m more happy about getting my first character death out of the way.  I knew one would happen eventually, and I hoped it would happen sooner than later so that I could get used to it.

And how did this character assasination occur?  Well, there was a fight between the party, and a gang of two hobgoblins and five kobolds.  They were able to defeat all but one of the kobolds who was swallowed up by a strange, moving hole that glided across the floor.  Two of the party members jumped down after it, just before the hole could vanish.

Eventually, the party reunited with one of the party members, and shortly after encountered the kobold again.  They attacked it quickly, depleting its four hitpoints.  While the players were aware that the kobold was now being played by one of the players, they had the decency to not break character.  So the kobold, and hence the party member, died after the horrible brain swapping.


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