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This last week’s silence was not one that I planned, though in some ways I welcomed the respite.  Magical Mondays missed its regularly scheduled appearance due to Non-Magical PneuMonia, and a lack of Internet access at home caused that to become something I couldn’t easily tell people.  On Sunday night I was miserable but telling myself I could power through whatever I was dealing with.  On Monday I was so far beyond miserable that I couldn’t really do anything about it.  My family took note of my plight and made the doctor appointment for me that afternoon and drove me to see the doctor who told me that not only did I have pneumonia as I assumed, but also a fever of 102.  That, of course, was just a result of the pneumonia, but I found the number to be impressive.  I’ve not been that sick in a long time.

Five days of antibiotics later, and I was so much better.  It only took two days for me to stop waking up in the middle of the night with feverish chills, and that’s almost the thing that I’m most grateful for.  I had experienced a few instances of shortness of breath while the disease was mounting (thanks to the extra shifts I had at the radio station this week I had more chances to talk for long periods of time), and so they also gave me an inhaler.  Unfortunately, during the four or five times that I should have used it I didn’t take the chance, so I still can’t truly claim to have ever used an inhaler.

The good news is that while I believe my pneumonia is entirely gone, I might still have some residual bronchitis.  I’m recovering from that slowly, but there are still a few things that make me more out of breath than they should.  If I really push myself, I might get out of breath enough again that I feel like I could justify using the inhaler in the name of science, though I’m pretty sure that I’m beyond the point where I can say that it’s something from which I would truly benefit.

Ultimately, it’s time for me to admit that I’m better and start forcing myself to work again.  Next on my task list: I need to update my resume and send it out to a few places that look like they might benefit from my years (Two!  Count ’em!) of newspaper experience, and work on a few spec scripts now that I’m more familiar with that process.  I also need to work on stories of course, and the looming specter of this coming Magical Mondays post draws ever nearer.  I plan on talking about something inspired by historical thoughts on magic, one of those wonderful things that makes history feel more mysterious even though nowadays the topic feels a bit more mundane.

As a final note, there was one big benefit to being sick and without Internet access this week.  I’ve finally played Batman: Arkham City.  I didn’t think that Arkham City would be able to easily surpass Arkham Asylum, but I think it did.  Making the game’s main villain the relatively unknown Hugo Strange was a nice touch, Dr. Strange dating back to even before the first issue of Batman.  The nice references to some of Paul Dini’s work in the Batman comics were nice, such as the references to The Broker.

And now, I’m only behind on Arkham Origins.  The cycle of video gaming never ends, does it?


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