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On Thursday, my computer went through an odd sequence of updates that left me feeling unsettled.  First, it asked me to let the laptop restart so that Windows could apply some Windows Updates.  I figured sure, why not?  Shortly after that, I noticed that Toshiba’s onboard program wanted to update my BIOS.  That seemed riskier, but I went with it.  The update to the latest version of BIOS seemed to go off without a hitch, though.  That was all at work.

After work, I went to the library to return two books and pick up one that they were holding for me.  While there, I hopped on the Internet to catch up on one or two things that I couldn’t do at work, and my virus scanner said it needed to restart my computer for an update.  I figured one more wouldn’t hurt.  Oh, what a fool I was.

It downloaded its update from AVG and restarted.  As it restarted, a screen came up and said that there was a problem loading Windows, and that it would try again.  And then it tried again.  And then one final time.  Finally, it said that the problem was apparently bigger than it anticipated and might need some more serious solutions.  It asked if I would rather do a few options, and if I wasn’t sure which one to take I should consult with someone I trust.  However, I’m usually the friend that people trust with computer issues so that last option seemed irrelevant.

The option I picked would basically restore Windows, and keep all my files secure while uninstalling Apps that weren’t loaded onto the computer before I got it.  As a courtesy, it created a document on my desktop describing what apps were removed.  It was a very long process that allowed me to read a notable portion of the book that I was picking up (a graphic novel, so that sounds like a bigger accomplishment than it is.)

The true horror was revealed after this update finished: all my games are gone from the laptop.  All of them.  I knew going into this process that all my applications would be going away, but losing all my games just didn’t occur to me.  Worse, all of my gaming programs are gone from the laptop.  I’ve been steadily adding games to this laptop since Christmas through Steam.  Not only are all of those gone, but Steam is gone.  Steam is gone.

This isn’t a huge deal, of course, but it’s an annoyance.  Reinstalling Steam requires an Internet connection that I don’t have at home, and don’t have an easy way of getting.  All the places I can go for free Wi-Fi (with one exception) have a very slow connection, and so installing Steam is a bit more complicated than spending a couple minutes on a resinstallation.  I had hoped that a quick run to a fast food restaurant with free WiFi would let me at least get the program in, but it wasn’t to be.  So, I wasn’t able to quickly toss a small game like FTL or Long Live The Queen onto the laptop to tide me over until I could have some time to dedicate to redoing what has been undone.  I’ll just have to somehow pass the time between now and then without video games.

Fortunately, this calamity didn’t strike until I was at the library, if you’ll remember.

I know which games will be a quick installation and which ones might take a while, so I’ll plan accordingly.  The difficulty will be the larger games that took a while.  I still need to play Mass Effect and Dragon Age, games that I’d downloaded for that purpose; Portal, Portal 2, and Half-Life 2 should go on eventually, but they won’t be priorities; Team Fortress 2 needs on there quickly, though, as does DC Universe Online (even though that’s not a Steam program when I play it.)  The two Batman games are escpecially frustrating, though.  I’d just installed Arkham Asylum again (seriously, like on Wednesday), so that needs to be redone.  And Arkham City?  Well, I was just wrapping up all the things to do in that game.  And I’d just learned that Calendar Man says different things on different days of the year.

And these games all went away on Thursday.  Thursday the 13th.  Of February.  One day before Valentine’s Day.

Well played, Calendar Man.  Well Played…


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