Steam Introduces Family Sharing   Leave a comment

One of the joys of the good old days of gaming was the ability to share games with friends.  If they came over to your place, you could show them the latest cartridge you had for the Genesis (or the Super Nintendo if you weren’t a Sega fan like me), or you could go to their place and they could show you the latest video game that they had for their CD-ROM capable computer.  If you wanted to get REALLY crazy, you could loan that game to your friend, and they could take it to their place and play it before bringing it back (or keeping it like a big meanie.)

The days of easy game sharing are largely behind us, sadly, for two reasons.  First, with the exception of party games like Guitar Hero, Scene It and Super Smash Bros., gaming isn’t always a thing you do at a friend’s house anymore.  Generally, you do it at your house.  If you seek to game with someone else, then you can use the Internet to do something in multiplayer mode (Dreamcast, you were truly ahead of your time.)  Curiously, going over to a friend’s house for games now typically involves more board games, card games, or tabletop roleplaying games than it used to for me (I’m told that this isn’t always typical, though.)  Valve has just opened up a step back to this with their newly launched Family Sharing system for Steam.  If you and friends or family members log into each others computers, and both are recognized by Steam as users of these computers, then you can use installed games on your friends’ computer by requesting access to them.

I don’t know how much use I’ll be making of this… but I’ve already got a few ideas in mind.  Definitely something to keep an eye on.



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