World Science U Opens Its Digital Doors   Leave a comment

World Science U Opens Its Digital Doors

I’m always a fan of this kind of thing: World Science U is a new website being set up to provide classes for people on scientific concepts like Relativity.  They’ve currently got it set up so that people of multiple training levels (high school students and up) and explains how much training is expected before any particular class begins.  The courses are designed to be taken by people at their own speed, and range from simple conceptual studies to lengthy college-style courses.

They don’t have much up yet beyond the special theory of relativity, but if there’s a physics concept you’ve always wondered about this might be a handy place to learn some of it in due time.  It’s always a gamble to see if a video website can exist outside of Youtube, but I think the lack of distraction will ultimately prove to be a good thing.

Anyway, enough of my yakking.  Go learn some relativity, guys.


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