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Well, it’s time to start something.  I don’t know if I’ll be doing much with it, but I’m glad that I’ve finally tried it.  May I introduce you to the first episode of Addendum Arcanum!

 Basically, a lot of the time when I finish a Magical Mondays article, I realize that there are some more things I haven’t said yet.  Plus, I’ve wanted to start experimenting with video for a bit now.  Today’s experiment: basic webcam and laptop microphone.  High tech!  I’ve actually got some friends with lots of equipment, experience and advice that I can call on to make this look better, but I wanted to start figuring out what the content would look like before I started going in that direction.

This particular Addendum Arcanum is an addendum to the Magical Monday’s article on the D&D Next Magic Rules, in particular addressing comments I’ve gotten on that article.  Enjoy!


Posted July 24, 2014 by John Little in Addendum Arcanum, Magical Mondays

2 responses to “Introducing Addendum Arcanum

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  1. never read your blog, or have any idea what your blog is really about, however I watched your video addendum arcana 1 and was curious to witch RPG games your prefer to dnd and why. Secondly, just a dnd 3.5 question, what is your best meele dps build? besides cheese mode cavalier or rage barb/berserker with race of stone feat stack?

    • Thanks for watching! And for the comments. For the first question: that really depends on what I want to play, but I’m a big fan of high adventure, pulp fiction and daring escapades. As such, my favorite RPG right now is called Cosmic Patrol, a game developed by Catalyst Games (available at if you’re interested). Close seconds include Hollow Earth Expedition, and Adventure!, a game set in the 1920s (available both for Storyteller System and with a d20 retrofit that managed to outsell the original. I generally play the d20 version.)

      As for your question about my best D&D 3.5 melee dps build (or should we say dpr?), that’s tough for me. Most of my gaming group starts at level 1, and so I don’t often make twenty level builds to work with, and I usually prefer not being a heavy hitter. Having said that: I have a build (blatantly stolen from a friend) for a Samurai using Rokugan rules that easily does massive damage through void points and iaijutsu techniques (though it has the problem of relying on certain conditions, such as striking first.) Also, if your only real concern is fighting a certain kind of enemy (such as with a smite evil technique), a paladin can pull off some interesting tricks with a few feats from The Forge Of War, an obscure Eberron book. Having said all that, I think the most damage I did per round was with a rogue (who actually *did* hit level 20). Using combinations of flanking, feinting, and surprise (combined with some fun from Complete Scoundrel and Complete Adventurer), he was able to sustain a high dpr over several rounds, where most other people could only pull off their best melee attack for the first couple of rounds.

      Keep in mind, I’ve never been a power gamer or optimizer, so I don’t have any fun tricks like the d2 Crusader to share. I love reading up on stuff like that, but it usually breaks the game for me to see it in practice (though I’ve come up with some odd in-story reasons if I’m DMing a trick like that, but if it’s something the PCs’ll face I try to shift the CR accordingly.)

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