Magical Mondays: Postponement and Paradox   Leave a comment

For this week on Magical Mondays, we’re postponed because I’m involved in National Novel Writing Month, and it’s eaten away pretty much all of my time.

Say now… there’s an idea…

Consider a monster that eats time itself, or alternatively attacks its enemies with time.  Examples of this kind of magic abound in Science Fiction and Fantasy.  Case in point, the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who can send people back in time, and feed off the energy of the lives that those people would have lived (while still letting them live perfectly fine lives in the past most of the time, apparently… it’s a terrifying ability if you don’t think about it for too long.)  A bit easier to understand in theory and harder to grasp in practice is Balefire from The Wheel Of Time, a sort of fire that literally burns things backward through time, burning them out of reality backwards.

So that you didn’t come here for nothing, I wish to give you this magical enemy.  Feel free to come up with the rules for how it works in your system.

The Paradox Dancer: The Paradox Dancer is a being that traps versions of itself in time loops, seeming to duplicate on the fly.  Frequently it begins combat by casting a spell to magically enhance the abilities of an ally, which seems to make no sense.  But a round later, it stands exactly where such an ally would have been as itself from a moment earlier casts that spell upon it, meaning that the attack it performs is boosted.  It’s attack is powerful, but is really a clumsy move that leaves it open for an attack of opportunity, too bad there wasn’t an ally flanking the person it’s chasing.  That happens next round.

Devise the rules for this, and enjoy.  Meanwhile, I’ve already spent over 300 words here, words that could have gone into my NaNoWriMo project.  Seeya next week!  (Unless I’m gone then as well.)


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