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So, to everyone who glances at this web log that wordpress lets me use, you’ve either noticed that I’ve not said much the past couple of weeks or, more likely, you’re now saying “Huh, I guess there hasn’t been an update in a while.  Well… how about that?”  Ultimately, it probably hasn’t impacted your plans much unless you’re a huge fan of Magical Mondays or the Korra Chronicles.  I don’t *think* there are any people who wait for those with baited breath, but if there are such people and you’re among them, I apologize.  (However, do note that there are many, many other people who post reviews and summaries of The Legend Of Korra out there, and that they’re generally better at it than I am.  I’m just a charlatan getting by and the same cheap tricks.)

Korra 402-5

Any suggestion that the last sentence was crafted just so that I could use that image again is probably valid.  Anyway, why HAVE I been so preoccupied lately?  Let me tell you, dear reader.  November was a month of MADNESS and such madness will I now explain.

  1. NaNoWriMo: I mentioned this in one or two previous posts, but I participated in National Novel Writing Month.  However, my dedication to getting it all finished meant that sacrifices had to be made time-wise.  Every thousand words I wrote summarizing a Legend of Korra episode or talking about some facet of magic that you could use in a roleplaying game was probably more like two thousand words of actual writing time, since those posts involve me scouring the Internet for images, taking screen grabs, theorizing about plot twists, and homebrewing magical rules.  (Just look at last week’s Magical Mondays for an example of how much those things get cut down if I don’t spend time on it.)  My blog wasn’t the only thing to suffer, either, as I did crazy things like not going to the gym.  Now that November is over, however, I have more writing time available (and more time to go to the gym, as well, as much as my mind is telling me that it doesn’t want to… it’s a liar, I know how good my brain feels after going to the gym, it just needs to be reminded.)  And the good news?  The month was not wasted; I wrote a novel, largely for practice, and while the book isn’t finished (I hit 50k words, but the story’s just not done, dangit) I like what I got out of it.  I doubt it’ll ever get sold, but it’ll definitely help to influence my future projects.
  2. Twelve Nights At Freddy’s: So, I just got a job as a graveyard shift security guard.  I made a point of playing Five Nights At Freddy’s on my first night there.  It’s actually not a bad place; comfortable, decent lighting, inoffensive pop music playing on distant speakers, and lots of free time apart from the fifteen to twenty minutes I spend every hour walking through it.  It gave me a lot of time to write things, and not only did I use it to catch up with, and ultimately finish, NaNoWriMo, I also started my next project there (a spec script, using Scrivener.  That program is a blast, incidentally.)  So, why is this a problem for updating here?  Two things: access and opportunity.  Access is a problem in that the location I’m securing (or at least watching) doesn’t have an open WiFi network.  Without a password, I can’t access it (and I’ve not asked for such a thing.)  Opportunity is my other problem; While I only work there three nights a week, those nights effectively occupy four days’ worth of space.  I wasn’t prepared for that little time rupture, and didn’t take the necessary precautions to, say, catch up with Legend of Korra, Gotham or The Flash.  I only watch those online, after all, and since I now have almost no late night WiFi access, it’s not been possible to do much of the “legwork” involved in preparing my regular features.  The good news?  This job is only temporary.  Eight weeks at most.  While the pay is good, I’m relieved to know that it’s not a permanent thing (especially since it’s keeping me from seeing a lot of my friends on Mondays and Tuesdays.)  Now, as if these two reasons weren’t enough, there’s still one more thing that’s been eating up time (on a linearly increasing scale these last three months, honestly.)  I’ve been calling it The December Surprise since it was meant to be a secret, but the secret’s been revealed to those that it was being kept from now, so I can tell you that I’ve been preparing to become…
  3. The Mysterious Stranger From The Occident: So, I’m going to China.  Some of you may know that my sister’s been living in China for six months now, and will likely remain there for at least six more months unless she wants to stay longer.  She’s teaching English as a second language there, and some of her coworkers thought that it would be fun to surprise my sister by covering most of the expenses for me to get to China around Christmas time.  And, hey, I’m totally down with that.  Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of craziness around those plans, and they only just became definite within the last week, so now I’m scrambling to get it all handled.  Next up is getting my Visa (and I need to get it, like, now, either by having it expedited or by personally travelling to Chicago to go to the Chinese Consulate.  And a lot of these plans have taken the forefront of everything I’ve been handling.

So, there you have it.  That’s not only a list of reasons for why I’ve not been updating, but it’s a good look at the general state of my life right now.  (Honestly, on a more professional web log I’d probably be talking about things like this all the time instead of my gaming homebrew ideas.)  Ultimately, I’m excited and happy and eager to see how this all plays out… and by the middle of January, all of these things will just be memories.  But for now?  Busy, busy, busy…

Having said that, I’m going to see about doing some abbreviated Korra Chronicles as I catch up to speed.  Magical Mondays will, as it always has been, continue to be done at the last minute with significantly less preparation than it should have, if it happens at all.  (Seriously, though, I’ve been having some fun ideas for it lately.)  So, enjoy your holiday season, everyone, and I’ll be seeing you before ya know it.


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