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So, while going through another computer I fired up Icon (a program that should be familiar to all the NeverDie City of Heroes players out there), and found this…

Zack Gamma

That, ladies and gentlemen, is Zack Gamma, the paranoid-because-he-knows-they’re-after-him spacefaring private investigator from my sci-fi mystery Three Virellium Coins.  As you can see, he even had the horrible hat in his first appearance, and he’s always been proficient with his Purcellian Striker Pistols.

I’ve said this to a number of people, but I don’t think I’ve ever said it in a public place like this, so it’s worth mentioning: there are a lot of elements of Three Virellium Coins that were inspired by City of Heroes.  I was working on the series well before the announcement of CoH’s closure came up, but after the announcement came that City of Heroes was closing the nods to the game became less incidental and more intentional.  (Oddly, the character of Igneous may be the most overt City of Heroes reference, but she existed well before I knew it’d be happening in that way.  Seriously, though, look at the pictures on that page.)

Now, I never actually played any of the characters in Three Virellium Coins, though I certainly would’ve enjoyed it.  The game encouraged me to think about the abilities of characters outside of the standard sets of super powers.  Carmen Shift is what a character might wind up looking like if someone made a Mutant hero with rock powers and gravity control (possibly even the Kinetic Melee power set), while Captain Calen would probably be a Tech hero (well… Tech Vigilante? Tech Rogue?  She’s hard to pin down) with the Beam Weapon powerset (and almost certainly wearing some, but not all, of the costume pieces from the Cosmic Corsair costume set.)

I have better ideas for how each of the characters would be played than others.  Zack, as seen above, is a Natural Hero (or Natural Rogue, maybe) with the Dual Pistols and Martial Combat power sets (though in truth I don’t think Zack would have much skill in the Martial Combat side of things except through instances of dumb luck.  But hey, dumb luck is valid on the rare chance that it works.)  Naturally, I don’t limit the characters in Three Virellium Coins to how they might be playable in City of Heroes… that starts creating all sorts of shackles in the story that I don’t want to worry about… but it was nice to find this picture and think about where a lot of the little story seeds started.

I had a lot of others.  Igneous, The Soul Survivor, Captain Ortega, Captain Calen, Carmen Shift, and Azar (though I didn’t have a name for him at the time, so that costume is called Hazard Pay) among others.  I quickly decided to make a costume for one of the newer characters, Nectra.  I may share more of these in time, but for now… enjoy Zack striking a pose far cooler than any I’ll ever let him strike in the story.


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