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Portal Cake

Well, it took me seven years, but I finally centered a photo instead of just leaving it on the left side of the page.

Apparently, this little blog has been online for seven years.  Seven!  A lot’s changed in that time.  Smallville was still on the air.  Smallville!  Don’t believe me? Check my earliest posts and find references to Smallville, along with Mountain Dew’s Dew-Cision 2007 campaign.  Marvel with me at the fact that there’s a Category (not a tag, a Category) for Chloe Sullivan.  I treated Categories like Tags at the time.  Did we have Tags at the time? Probably.

Lately, my blog has started to look rather unfortunately like a gaming blog, a tabletop gaming blog at that.  There’s nothing wrong with gaming blogs, of course, be they tabletop or virtual, but I’d never seen that as the purpose for Crater Labs, Inc.  I always just saw it as a general blog about anything that took my fancy.  Whether that be Mountain Dew and Chloe Sullivan’s antics on Smallville (I still sorta wish that the “Chlois” fan theory had turned out to be canonical, all due apologies to Erica Durance), or the games I play in my spare time.  (Seriously, what’s up with the me from seven years ago? I don’t even like Mountain Dew.  It has the flavor of biting.  Biting’s not really a bad flavor, I just don’t like liquids that taste like they’re biting me when I try to drink them.)

As a result of the fact that I wanted to write regularly and not just pop in every four or five months, I started Magical Mondays as something that I could do to give me the incentive to write an entry at least once a week.  I still think I should stop doing Magical Mondays and switch to Monstrous Mondays, though… I keep repeating myself in Magical Mondays, and I have sooo many more ideas about monsters and creatures.  …and I probably shouldn’t do it on Mondays, since I also have Three Virellium Coins going now.

Incidentally, if you’re not reading Three Virellium Coins yet, now’s a great time to catch up.  We just ended the second major story arc in book 1 over there, and so there’s a lot of fun stuff to read while I let the action build in this third part.  (At 71,062 words, part 1: The Helix Double-Cross is a short novel.)  Go read that now, and learn more about this guy.

Zack Gamma

As if me reminding you about Magical Mondays and Three Virellium Coins wasn’t enough (by the by, I also update 3VC at its own Tumblr page if that’s more your speed or if you want to read from China like someone I know), don’t forget that I have a Youtube channel that has a ridiculously slow update schedule.  Watch the gradual unfolding of my Let’s Play of FTL (spoiler: I *do* make it to the final system.  WILL I SUCCEED?!), and the occasional videos I make in the So I Finally… series, where I tell you about all the books, movies, video games, and other things that I Finally get to see.

For the record: while the blog may be seven years old, CLI’s actually older still, going back to my first forays on the Internet.  Shout out to my friends from h2g2 and Lil’s Atelier!

Thanks for reading everything over these seven years, guys.  Whether you’re someone who swings by for D&D posts, updates on my side projects, my thoughts about writing, or the mindless banter, I hope you’ve had fun and I look forward to keeping it going.

Up Next: Three years of silence as John forgets that the blog exists again meaning this image of Chloe Sullivan will be the final thing posted here for ages

Chloe Sullivan.


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