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Hey, all!  It’s the beginning of con season, and that means, as I’m sure you’re aware, CABIN-CON!  I just made it into Michigan City, my old stomping grounds (and current stomping grounds) from Valparaiso, and I’m ready for Cabin-Con tomorrow.  Here, I even took my first selfie ever at a Taco Bell in Michigan City to prove that I’m ready for the weekend.


John ponders Empanadas

Now, if  you’ve never been to Cabin-Con, that’s cool.  It’s smaller than most conventions (in fact, it’s about the smallest I’ve ever been to), but that’s part of what makes it so cool.  After a few years of going, it’s rare to find a crowd of people without at least a few familiar faces (some might say impossible).  Most of the weekend consists of pick-up gaming, so if you’re a fan of Zombie Dice or Munchkin or Mag Blast or a lot of other quirky games like that it’s a good place to find people eager to give it a try.  There’s also a lot of roleplaying games that happen (they make up most of the time spent gaming, I’m sure, even if they don’t quite make up the biggest number of games played… honestly, I’d call it about even in that latter category.)  If you don’t already have your ticket for Cabin-Con, I’m sorry to say that it’s probably too late, but never give up hope.

Now, if you want to catch me at Cabin-Con, I’ll be there for a good portion of the weekend.  Most of my games will be in the room with the Moose.

Room With A Moose

And believe it or not, it’s even better than THAT room with THAT Moose.  Of course it is.  THAT room contains a horrible moosey fate, but the room with the moose at Cabin-Con’s a lot nicer.  It’s also the easiest room to find.  Tragically, I have some other business to attend to in Michigan City so I won’t be at Cabin-Con for the entire weekend (and I won’t have a room at the convention itself as many choose to do) so I won’t be there the whole time.  If you want to find me, though, here’s where to look.

Friday until 5 – Room with Moose
Friday between 11 and 1 AM(?) – Room with Moose
Saturday before 11:30 AM – POSSIBLY the Room with Moose (but also possibly not)
Saturday between 4:30 PM and ? – Room with Moose

Now, I *might* be able to get in on some of the fun on Sunday, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it before they start closing up shop for the season.

Anyway, that’s where and when to find me.  There are only three other things you need to know for Cabin-Con.

  1. Moose controls the weather.
  2. Moose wants a banana.
  3. Moose speaks Sanskrit.

Once you get all of that, you’ve pretty much got Cabin-Con covered.

All righty, that’s about all I can say from Taco Bell.  Follow me on Twitter (@CraterLabs if you weren’t already) for more updates from Cabin-Con 2015.  Woo!  #CabinCon #CabinCon2015 #Moose


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