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Dandar Dexdrer, I Dresume?   1 comment

Can’t remember as much of it as I’d like, but I wanted to share this dream o’ mine.

I was looking for someone.  Dexdrer was his last name, eventually, but I can’t remember anything about the first name except it starter with D (Dander, as mentioned in the title, is as close to it as I remember.  I went to brush my teeth saying the name to myself so I wouldn’t forget it, but stopped saying it to myself somewhere along the way, so now I can’t recall.)  This person used to be in a military unit, and I was scouring over an old military base that, in dream fashion, had an interior comprised of some places I know (or reminiscent of them enough for a dream’s production values) in real life.  I had some people helping me to look for them, but rarely saw anyone else.

Everything around the base was grey and washed out, taking on the appearance of winter even though it wasn’t covered with snow.  Like, snow-covered greyness, but without the snow to justify it.  The clouds were grey enough, though, so maybe it was just overcast.  It was flat enough that I think it was in some sort of desert.

Here’s the odd part: I started playing two roles in the dream, one as an actor and one as an observer.  I knew in my head that members of this military unit secretly developed the ability to fly.  The “title” of the dream suggested that to me, though I couldn’t tell ya what the title was right now.  And then i found a long, black-feather in the dream that really puzzled actor me but seemed a little too obvious of a clue to observer me.  There was a room dedicated to a member of the military unit, with a little plaque set up saying that the room was dedicated to them.  It was suggested to observer me that this person was very overweight and that somehow this might have prevented him from flying with the rest of the group, or at least not as well.

I should’ve mentioned by now that this military base wasn’t in the United States, it was in another country.  I keep wanting to say Tunisia in my head, but that doesn’t work.  If Canada had a Tunisian/New Mexican desert, I think it would almost fit everything I saw and/or felt about this place.  Chilly salt flats surrounded the base.  Maybe Utah would be a better comparison than New Mexico.

Anyway, I received word from another person looking for this Dexdrer fellow saying that he thought he’d almost found him, and then I knew I had to hurry.  I made it to where he was and saw the person we were looking for cornering the person who’d radioed me, and holding his fingers to his mouth like it was supposed to be a secret.  Then he looked really annoyed that I’d found them and dropped the whole “cornering the person looking for him” thing.  I then said the line I put as the title, “Dandar(?) Dexdrer, I dresume?”  Then I apologized for messing up what I was saying, and said “presume” and things moved on.

(It’s worth noting that the two people here were people I know in real life.  Both people I mostly know from gaming, actually.  They definitely weren’t “themselves”, though, they were actors in the same sense that I wasn’t playing myself unless I was being the observer me.)

Then I followed the person I was looking for while he gruffly tried to ignore me or brush me off.  I kept accusing him of crimes that he could demonstrate weren’t actually crimes, like stealing his company’s… industrial vehicle? (sort of like a salt truck or something)… to get to the base, only to learn that he owned the vehicle anyway because the company was entirely paid for by him.  “Personal seed money” was close to a phrase he used.

Anyway… I woke up shortly after that.  In the dream, he hadn’t revealed that he could fly, that was still a revelation forthcoming from the narrative of the dream itself, even though I knew it was a thing.  I expected (I the observer, that is) for him to be calling all of his old army buddies out to take over/move into this abandoned military base so that they could… relive flying? I don’t know why they couldn’t just fly anywhere, but they were definitely going to try to recapture some element of the past, and the fact that they could secretly fly was probably involved.

I’m not entirely sure where this dream comes from.  The grey, washed-out aspect of the world outside might have come from my hatred of the ridiculous use of light in Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, and a conversation I had with a friend after the fact about lighting in movies.  The fact that the other two seen characters in the dream were “played” by friends in real life sorta reminded me of the games of Cosmic Patrol I’ve been playing lately, though only one of the two dream people is a real Cosmic Patrol player.

All in all, an interesting dream and I’d have liked to see how it turned out (isn’t that always the way?  Well, except for nightmares…), but all in all it wasn’t an “interesting” dream so much as it was a “weird” dream.


My Letter to Sony   Leave a comment

I don’t really follow music news, and I admit that I don’t keep up to date with modern music trends, but the news about Kesha’s trial to be allowed to not work with someone who’s sexually abused her upsets me.

And while I might not listen to Sony’s music, I do watch Sony’s TV shows, buy Sony’s movies, occasionally play Sony’s video games, use Sony electronics… there’s a lot of Sony on the market.  And none of it’s worth this kind of travesty.  So… I penned this letter and emailed it to Mack Araki, the Vice President of Corporate Communications at Sony.

Dear Mr. Araki,

I just heard that Sony is refusing to allow Kesha to create music without forcing her to work with a person that she claims sexually attacked her.  While a judge might have ruled that there wasn’t enough evidence, I’m upset that you’re not finding some way to accommodate her.

Until Sony releases Kesha from her contract and allows her to work in a way that makes it possible for her to avoid any contact with Lukasz Gottwald, I intend to avoid purchasing Sony electronics, playing Sony video games, listening to Sony music, watching Sony movies, or otherwise participating in Sony’s marketplace.  I will similarly research companies owned by or affiliated with Sony and avoid using any of their products either.

Sony should be BETTER than this as a corporation.  I don’t know what your personal opinion is on this issue, but I do hope that you agree, and that you will make my concerns known to the relevant parties so that in the future no one working for your company ever has to face this kind of situation again.

Thank you for your time.


John Little

PS – Thank you to anyone who may read your mail on your behalf as well, as I’m sure you get a huge number of emails daily.

Now… I don’t know if this’ll even get read by Mr. Araki, and I know that even Vice Presidents of corporations can have difficulty enacting quick change (which is a problem all its own) but I needed to say something.

For those unfamiliar with the scenario, a judge recently ruled that there just wasn’t enough evidence to support Kesha’s claims, and that therefore she still had to fulfill her contract, meaning she has to work with her rapist.  That there’s no legal way out for her is one of the many travesties at work here, but Sony’s action as a company is where I’m actually focused right now, for right or wrong.  Just because they have a legal standing doesn’t mean they need to follow through.  It’s still well within their power to terminate the contract and allow Kesha to make music elsewhere.  Theoretically they could allow her to keep working for Sony and never have her have to deal with Lukasz Gottwald (I don’t want to use his stage name; he doesn’t deserve one, I think) but honestly Kesha shouldn’t have to work with a company that’s put her through all of this either, even if such a concession is made.

So… yeah.  I don’t know what else to say, really.  I don’t know if this is Sony being evil and spiteful because they can, if this is corporate cog-turning running on some kind of horrible automation, or if this is just good old fashioned apathy at work, but ultimately this is wrong.

As a society we need to remember that just because we have a legal right to do something doesn’t make it the right thing to do.  I hope the public response to Sony will get them to revisit their opinions, change them, and #FreeKesha.

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We’ve Got MOVIE SIGN!   Leave a comment

MST3K Crowdfunding Success

Just look at that.  It’s a beautiful sight.  (A beautiful sight that Twitter user Stephen P, AKA @dim_halo has allowed me to use here.  Thanks for sharing the screenshot, Stephen!)

There’s a lot of talk about this.  Most positive, some negative.  And there are worries…

I’m worried that the show will be too “polished” and won’t actually be the same slapdash performance that I like.  I’m worried that there’s some sort of behind-the-scenes issue that a lot of the old cast and crew aren’t talking about.  I’m also worried that there’s no such issue, but that fans will imagine that there is and worry about it and bug the old and new people so much that it becomes an issue.  I’m worried that it won’t be the same.  I’m also worried that it’ll be too much of the same.  Basically, I’m a neurotic Internet fan.  But not a single one of these worries are important: what really matters is that MST3K is coming BACK, baby!  I’m giddy!

And just look at what we did.  114%!  That’s major, guys.  And that 114% is of the final 5.5 million dollar goal, not the original 2 million dollar goal.  We actually raised, like… over three hundred percent!  And it stunned and delighted everyone…

Sadly, financial pressures being what they are, I had to lower my donation just a bit.  I’m still looking forward to that printable ID card, but a lot of the higher tier rewards were REALLY nice.  I especially wanted that VHS tape…

Incidentally, if you haven’t watched the Telethon, do it now!  Well… maybe not now.  Not in its entirety.  It was a multi-hour event that featured islands of really cool entertainment and information in the midst of charming awkwardness and technical problems.  But there are a lot of moments that I predict will become big parts of MSTie nostagia.  If nothing else, the look on Joel’s face when, with almost exactly a minute to spare, the totals were updated and passed the 3.6 million dollar total.  There were also moments that some liked and others didn’t (I enjoyed the Castlevania song, though I’ve heard some claim that they actively disliked it.)

Also, did I hear Felicia Day accidentally start singing Mike’s theme song for a second before correcting herself?  I could’ve sworn she almost mumbled “Way Down in Deep 13″… funny moment.

Anyway… it’s a great week to be a MSTie.  Friends, we’re not actually living in a post-MST3K world.  We’ve simply been living in the 15+ year inter-season hiatus.

And it’s almost over.

(Incidentally, I don’t mention this often on the blog, but for the record I frequent MST3K: The Discussion Board.  If you want a place to chill and discuss the show, I’m over there from time to time.  More importantly, LOTS of people are.)

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Pocket D

Sometime tonight, the City of Heroes community is expected to release Paragon Chat, a social chat program that uses the City of Heroes game code as a platform for socialization, role playing, and just re-experiencing all the joys of the City of Heroes world.  There are no enemies to fight or missions to take, but the world will be brought back to something like its former glory.  If you’ve read this blog for very long, you’ve probably picked up on just how much I’ve missed this game and how much I love the community, so naturally I’m excited.

Many players fled to other games with their characters, and acted out their former reality being destroyed.  In a sense that was true, but it was never how I saw it.  Sure, I recreated Sastra Vidya in DC Universe Online, but she always stated that she was running a mission for S.E.R.A.P.H. or the Dawn Patrol or something… naturally, the folks of Paragon would be very concerned about Brainiac’s actions, would they not?

There’s a bit of a discrepancy here, and since I was so excited about the City of Heroes coming back through Paragon Chat, I wanted to celebrate by writing a story featuring a few of my characters and mentioning a couple others.  Please know that the elements of City of Heroes and DCU Online aren’t things that I claim ownership of.  Really, nothing in this piece of fan fiction is mine apart from Cyber Sunset, Sastra Vidya, Sa’d al-Bari, Warlord Taln, Jack Anthrax and Professor Flummox.  Enjoy!


Poker Night at Pocket D
By John Little

Cyber Sunset arched the cards and flipped them together before rifling the deck in his hands. DJ Zero’s ethereal electronica and tireless techno continued to surge through the air, somehow clearly audible without being overpowering or drowned out by the Rikti Monkeys fighting in the caged ring near their table. He adjusted his stetson and tapped a control on the arm of his circuitry-laden combat suit.

“Cantrell Draw,” he said.

“Shocking,” said Sastra Vidya, the eyes of her skull-shaped masked glowing green beneath the hood of her skull-themed unitard.

“You’ll get to play yer game just as soon as you get to be the dealer.”

“I’d just assume that a cowboy like you would have more affinity for Texas Hold ‘Em.”

“If you liked Omaha this much, we wouldn’t have this discussion every week.”

“She does not have the discussion every week,” said Sa’d al-Bari, the purple-skinned, raven-haired woman in the robes to Sastra Vidya’s left and across from Cyber Sunset.

“Bari, I think we all remember it clear enough,” Sunset said, grinning as he dealt the cards. “You can say it didn’t happen all you like, but somethin’ like it had to have happened otherwise we wouldn’t be here.”

“Do not assume causality is as cut and dry as it appears,” she said. It sounded serious, but the twinkle in her eye and hint of a smile behind her veil revealed the intended humor. Sastra assumed that Bari knew what she was talking about, but that the situation wasn’t as dire as she suggested.

“You again cast cards of an inferior quality into my possession!” shouted Warlord Taln from his stool between Cyber Sunset and Sa’d al-Bari. His red skin was more noticeable than Bari’s softer hue, and even if it wasn’t the environmental survival suit and bubble-domed helmet that made Pocket D’s atmosphere breathable was noteworthy even in a place like this.

“I never cheat at cards, Taln.”

“This place is protected from such subterfuge,” said Bari. “It would be revealed to us through an enchantment of my own devising, one that lingers over this table while we gather. It also prevents me from reading your thoughts without informing you, and is why your radium-infusion device broke last week.”

“That device was not mine!” said Taln.

“So, you remember last week’s game,” said Sastra Vidya, putting two of her cards onto the table and drawing two more. “It seems to me that either the cowboy with the sword and I haven’t argued about Texas Hold ‘Em and Five Card Draw, or Taln couldn’t have cheated. You can’t have it both ways.”

“Perhaps I have overstated things,” said Bari, placing a single card on the table and drawing a new one. “And perhaps my own superior view of the planes allows me to discern greater subtleties than-”

“Your ancient mysticism is no match for my technological supremacy!” shouted Taln, pounding the table with the fist that wasn’t holding his cards.

“Hate t’burst your bubble, but I think Bari’s got the edge here” said Cyber Sunset. “She may be off her rocker about the last few years, but-”

“She is not mad, Earth man,” said Taln. “She is accurate. My telluric waveform rejuvenation scanner indicates a power surge occurred today, a mighty surge consistent with a stabilization event suffusing our reality.”

“Not you too,” said Sastra Vidya. “Look, Paragon City had a rough patch, we admit that. In one month, the Red Caps almost destroyed time itself, the Unseelie Court and Circle of Thorns weakened the barrier between realities, and the Rikti engineered one of their strongest attacks ever… but we survived.”

“Better ‘n ever, I’d say,” said Sunset. “Not a single Hamidon attack or Nemesis plot since then.”

“Would you notice a Nemesis plot, Earthling?” asked Taln, discarding all of his cards and drawing an entirely new hand. “I remember that month well. It was my introduction to Earth. I crashed and was recruited as a potential Chosen One by Arachnos as all of that began. Even with the terrors of that month, I am convinced that Lord Nemesis is the only true danger to your world’s status quo… or at least he was until I arrived.”

“Right, your invasion,” said Sastra Vidya. “When does your armada arrive again?”

“The Talnian fleet should emerge from hyperspace any week now!”

“Good luck with that,” said Cyber Sunset, drawing his last cards. “Rikti and Shivans and Praetorians’ve been a great warm up. Oh, that reminds me, I saw Professor Flummox fightin’ Jack Anthrax at Portal Corp last night.”

“Jack Anthrax?” asked Sadal Bari and Sastra Vidya in eerie unison, an eager gleam entering Bari’s eyes and Sastra’s flaming skull mask sockets. Cyber Sunset nodded, not remarking on how unsettling he found their reaction. He looked forward to the day that the Praetorian Loyalist-turned-villain would be arrested once and for all, but he had to admit he was a fan. The guy was just awesome. Only Taln seemed to sneer at mention of the name, though he sneered at everything.

“To think I could’ve seen Jack Anthrax,” said Sastra Vidya, paying the ante and raising the bet. “I saw a familiar bolt of lighting and snowstorm near Portal Corp last night. I avoided it.”

“Do you not wish to meet the hero from Praetoria?” asked Bari, matching Sastra’s bet. “Their ethics may be tinged with shades of grey, but since rising from the Resistance movement against Emperor Cole he’s been nothing but pleasant to this Paragon’s citizenry.”

“He’s… a little weird, though,” said Sastra. “He drones on and on about his ‘miracles of science’, like that Sivanna guy I fought when I spent those months in Gotham and Metropolis.”

“Right, back when they had that weird outbreak of super powers caused by nanites from the future,” said Cyber Sunset, making a mental note to take a trip to try and harvest some for himself.

“Exobytes,” said Sastra Vidya. “Fighting The Rikti and The Praetorians definitely prepared me for anything that Brainiac fellow could throw at me. But anyway, Professor Flummox is… crazy. Between you and me, I don’t think his stuff is even real.”

“His weather machine gets results, though,” said Cyber Sunset. “Y’can’t deny that.”

“I’m not, it’s just a feeling I get,” said Sastra. “So I tend to avoid it if it looks like his signature weather patterns… a little too much crazy in one day. But if I’d known that Jack Anthrax would’ve been there… I might’ve changed my mind. I need his autograph.”

“He’s amazing for a mortal,” said Bari, nodding. “Even if he seems to have an overinflated ego. Though I suppose much of that ego is well deserved.”

“Fold,” said Taln, pushing his cards away.

“Say, Bari, what’s Sastra’s trip to Gotham mean for your whole ‘reality stopped existin’ even though stuff kept happenin’’ theory? Did that not happen either?”

“She moved to a different reality,” said Bari.

“State,” said Sastra Vidya. “Gotham is in a different state, Bari. Not a different reality. Rhode Island is a state.”

Cyber Sunset nodded, turning the information over in his mind. Portal Corp had shown him many things, many strange worlds and horrible results from the laws of physics being tampered with. And it had been a horrible month, too… Red Caps and the Winter family playing havoc with nature and the flow of time, the Unseelie Court releasing Jack-In-Irons and Eochai while the Abomination nearly escaped (again) from the House of Horrors, zombies rising from the dead in nightmarish quantities, the Circle of Thorns again using their magical banners to bring horrible creatures into the world during a seemingly endless week-long night… and a full scale Rikti invasion resurgence in the week after it all ended, the week right before Sa’d al-Bari began announcing that their reality had been demolished and that they simply ‘didn’t notice.’ And now reality was ‘back’, according to Bari… but why?

Some of those Rikti ships did attack near Portal Corp, after all… perhaps something had changed. Reality’s cohesion around Portal Corp was sketchy at the best of times, and what if all those calamities happening in such close proximity could have gone one step too far? What if only people with Bari’s unique view (or even Taln’s insane understanding of science) could see that a problem had occurred? Would things ever be the same again? Would they notice?

Sastra Vidya cleared her throat. Cyber Sunset looked over.


“What’s your wager, Cantrell Boy? Are you playing or not?”

Cyber Sunset looked at the cards in his hand, and carefully looked at Sa’d al-Bari and Sastra Vidya. The latter’s face was completely obscured by the mask, and Bari’s face was mostly hidden with her purple and green veil. They didn’t have poker faces, but the way they held their cards was, he hoped, telling. Bari was always harder to read, but he felt that he was just getting the hang of it.

“I’m in,” he said, pushing chips into the middle of the table. “Let’s play.”

Bazinga! The Big Bang, Beliefs, and False Dilemmas   2 comments

Big Bang Theory Justice League

As a warning, this particular blog post is going to talk about science, religion, arguably politics, and other things that have nothing to do with the TV Show shown above, though I may mention it at some point.  Don’t confuse it with the historic event of the same name if that happens, though, and vice versa.  I’ll try to keep this as lighthearted as I can, but people have a lot of painful issues related to this topics.  Heck, some people just approach these topics and start getting angry even if everyone’s being civil and they’re not sure why, and I wanna be sensitive to that crowd.  Also, there are some Discworld spoilers.  Anyway, here I go…

I’ve become increasingly aware of a growing trend in society, one where people have embraced a False Dilemma, one of the most comically delightful logical fallacies of them all.  In short, there are many who believe that scientific reason and religious belief cannot coexist in a person’s personal view of the world.  I used to hear this logical fallacy more from the atheistic side of things… people saying that they’re people “of science” when the question of faith arises, and it’s generally impolite to point out that these aren’t mutually exclusive things.  Most people saying this are (or at least I *thought* they were) aware of the fact that they’re not exclusive, it was just a shorthand of explaining their stance on things.  (Also, they get really confused if you play dumb and say “So am I.  So, back to the topic at hand…”)  Lately I’ve seen this issue from the other side of the discussion, though, fellow Christians who refer to “atheistic beliefs” and then discuss things that I personally adhere to.  I’ve gotta say, it’s starting to make me wonder why this separation seems so firmly entrenched in people’s minds.

It wasn’t always this way…

Until the late 1800s, Christians had a habit of being not just contributors to the sciences, but often the big names behind them.  It’s asking for trouble to list famous Christians who are scientists or say “EVERYONE SHOULD BE BOTH SCIENTIFIC AND RELIGIOUS!” just because there’s a history of that, especially in an article where I reference a logical fallacy in the title, so as proud as I am of the teamwork between these two traditions I’ll save that for another time.  Instead, I want to talk about personal preferences and letting ourselves get so focused in an experience that we miss the reality of what we’re looking at.

Christians who believe that scientific thinking is dangerous may have an overconnection to a particular experience with their faith.  Terry Pratchett’s book Small Gods discusses this a bit; a particular religion in Discworld had its god in a strange scene where his church was filled with people “praying” to him in a courtyard, but he didn’t “experience” it like he expected to.  If he hadn’t been there as a turtle (long story), he’d have been completely unaware.  The book eventually posits that the church itself had created a structure that people “believed” in more than they believed in the god itself.  Churches who put too much of an emphasis on “tradition” can often feel like this to me.  New understandings of scriptures can upset some people if it contradicts something they’ve had wrong since they were children, and altering their approach to scriptures by bothering to look up what things mean in the original language or what they mean in the context of the political or social issues of the day that certain scriptures were written can just feel “wrong” to some.  So if their personal image of God creating the universe has always involved a sudden “poof” of divine energy while God wills things into being, then it’s easy to understand how the idea of evolution can feel like an attack.  Even though Evolutionary theory and the Big Bang do nothing to contradict the Bible, they do alter a different timeline, and the timeline was already a core, foundational part of how they understood things and perhaps even a part of their own personal identity.  If this seems strange to you, you’ve probably not had to console a friend who reacted poorly to Disney’s decanonization of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  (Arguably an inapt metaphor as Evolution and The Big Bang don’t contradict the Bible, but Disney may wind up contradicting the Expanded Universe.)  While I can definitely understand a desire for something as personal as a walk with God to be something we defend, this doesn’t mean that we should defend a view that isn’t even supported in the original text.  This is arguably what Peter does in the Bible when he tells Jesus that he won’t be killed; Peter had a belief that Jesus was the prophesied savior, and he was, and that Jesus would make it possible for everyone to walk with God again, which he did… but he had a set idea in mind for what that would look like when it happened, and what Jesus was suggesting was antithetical to that idea.  Peter had to eventually change his idea of God’s plan into something more like God’s idea of God’s plan, and that’s exactly what we need to do as well.  As Christians, we can’t assume that just because the Bible doesn’t talk about evolution that it didn’t happen.  Consider God to be the baker and evolution to be his method of baking this time around.  You can believe in both baker and baking, and everything’ll be perfectly fine.  And hey, if I get to Heaven and God tells me “Actually, I didn’t create you through evolution, I created you through this N-dimensional phase shift thing that I can do” then I can take it.

For those in the scientific community who’ve felt unsure about religious beliefs, I can definitely understand your trepidation.  I would ask you to test the hypothesis and refine it as you examine.  This is hard due to the lack of scientifically testable factors (how do you test for the existence of things that are outside of all visible and gleanable reality?)  We have to look to history for evidence, and sometimes that evidence doesn’t exist until an archaeologist locates a new city.  Just know that the Bible never lists “doubt” or “questioning” as a sin.  Sure, we in the modern day give “Doubting Thomas” a hard time, but that’s not really a thing that the Bible does.  (I imagine the other disciples did, though.  I mean, can you imagine being the one guy out of the loop on that?  “Okay, guys, you’re crazy.  It’s been a great three years and all, but he’s Dead.  Until you can show me the stab wounds, I’m not buying it.”  *Jesus walks in* “Shalom!”  “AAAHHH!”)  Historically, we have the evidence to know that Jesus claimed to be the savior, and so that only leaves us with three other options.  As C. S. Lewis put it, he would have to either be a Liar, a Lunatic, or Lord.  And, well, from what evidence I can see I personally have to rule out those first two.  I can understand why it’s easier for me to accept something that I’ve lived with for my entire life than it is for someone to accept for the first time, so I doubt that I’m going to be convincing any people of anything with this blog post.  I could talk more on this issue, but this article really isn’t about trying to convert people so much as trying to remind people that this isn’t a situation where two issues are mutually exclusive or contradictory.

Also, a nearly identical article could’ve been written about denying the correlative, because even though they’re the opposite problem a huge number of people manage to do both of these simultaneously while thinking that they’re still logically sound (and, really, just adding extra logical fallacies doesn’t remove the, uh, falaciousness? Falsitude?  That thing.  I’m gonna stop before I invent too many more words.)

My Cabin-Con 2015 Schedule   Leave a comment

Hey, all!  It’s the beginning of con season, and that means, as I’m sure you’re aware, CABIN-CON!  I just made it into Michigan City, my old stomping grounds (and current stomping grounds) from Valparaiso, and I’m ready for Cabin-Con tomorrow.  Here, I even took my first selfie ever at a Taco Bell in Michigan City to prove that I’m ready for the weekend.


John ponders Empanadas

Now, if  you’ve never been to Cabin-Con, that’s cool.  It’s smaller than most conventions (in fact, it’s about the smallest I’ve ever been to), but that’s part of what makes it so cool.  After a few years of going, it’s rare to find a crowd of people without at least a few familiar faces (some might say impossible).  Most of the weekend consists of pick-up gaming, so if you’re a fan of Zombie Dice or Munchkin or Mag Blast or a lot of other quirky games like that it’s a good place to find people eager to give it a try.  There’s also a lot of roleplaying games that happen (they make up most of the time spent gaming, I’m sure, even if they don’t quite make up the biggest number of games played… honestly, I’d call it about even in that latter category.)  If you don’t already have your ticket for Cabin-Con, I’m sorry to say that it’s probably too late, but never give up hope.

Now, if you want to catch me at Cabin-Con, I’ll be there for a good portion of the weekend.  Most of my games will be in the room with the Moose.

Room With A Moose

And believe it or not, it’s even better than THAT room with THAT Moose.  Of course it is.  THAT room contains a horrible moosey fate, but the room with the moose at Cabin-Con’s a lot nicer.  It’s also the easiest room to find.  Tragically, I have some other business to attend to in Michigan City so I won’t be at Cabin-Con for the entire weekend (and I won’t have a room at the convention itself as many choose to do) so I won’t be there the whole time.  If you want to find me, though, here’s where to look.

Friday until 5 – Room with Moose
Friday between 11 and 1 AM(?) – Room with Moose
Saturday before 11:30 AM – POSSIBLY the Room with Moose (but also possibly not)
Saturday between 4:30 PM and ? – Room with Moose

Now, I *might* be able to get in on some of the fun on Sunday, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it before they start closing up shop for the season.

Anyway, that’s where and when to find me.  There are only three other things you need to know for Cabin-Con.

  1. Moose controls the weather.
  2. Moose wants a banana.
  3. Moose speaks Sanskrit.

Once you get all of that, you’ve pretty much got Cabin-Con covered.

All righty, that’s about all I can say from Taco Bell.  Follow me on Twitter (@CraterLabs if you weren’t already) for more updates from Cabin-Con 2015.  Woo!  #CabinCon #CabinCon2015 #Moose

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Happy Birthday, CLI   Leave a comment

Portal Cake

Well, it took me seven years, but I finally centered a photo instead of just leaving it on the left side of the page.

Apparently, this little blog has been online for seven years.  Seven!  A lot’s changed in that time.  Smallville was still on the air.  Smallville!  Don’t believe me? Check my earliest posts and find references to Smallville, along with Mountain Dew’s Dew-Cision 2007 campaign.  Marvel with me at the fact that there’s a Category (not a tag, a Category) for Chloe Sullivan.  I treated Categories like Tags at the time.  Did we have Tags at the time? Probably.

Lately, my blog has started to look rather unfortunately like a gaming blog, a tabletop gaming blog at that.  There’s nothing wrong with gaming blogs, of course, be they tabletop or virtual, but I’d never seen that as the purpose for Crater Labs, Inc.  I always just saw it as a general blog about anything that took my fancy.  Whether that be Mountain Dew and Chloe Sullivan’s antics on Smallville (I still sorta wish that the “Chlois” fan theory had turned out to be canonical, all due apologies to Erica Durance), or the games I play in my spare time.  (Seriously, what’s up with the me from seven years ago? I don’t even like Mountain Dew.  It has the flavor of biting.  Biting’s not really a bad flavor, I just don’t like liquids that taste like they’re biting me when I try to drink them.)

As a result of the fact that I wanted to write regularly and not just pop in every four or five months, I started Magical Mondays as something that I could do to give me the incentive to write an entry at least once a week.  I still think I should stop doing Magical Mondays and switch to Monstrous Mondays, though… I keep repeating myself in Magical Mondays, and I have sooo many more ideas about monsters and creatures.  …and I probably shouldn’t do it on Mondays, since I also have Three Virellium Coins going now.

Incidentally, if you’re not reading Three Virellium Coins yet, now’s a great time to catch up.  We just ended the second major story arc in book 1 over there, and so there’s a lot of fun stuff to read while I let the action build in this third part.  (At 71,062 words, part 1: The Helix Double-Cross is a short novel.)  Go read that now, and learn more about this guy.

Zack Gamma

As if me reminding you about Magical Mondays and Three Virellium Coins wasn’t enough (by the by, I also update 3VC at its own Tumblr page if that’s more your speed or if you want to read from China like someone I know), don’t forget that I have a Youtube channel that has a ridiculously slow update schedule.  Watch the gradual unfolding of my Let’s Play of FTL (spoiler: I *do* make it to the final system.  WILL I SUCCEED?!), and the occasional videos I make in the So I Finally… series, where I tell you about all the books, movies, video games, and other things that I Finally get to see.

For the record: while the blog may be seven years old, CLI’s actually older still, going back to my first forays on the Internet.  Shout out to my friends from h2g2 and Lil’s Atelier!

Thanks for reading everything over these seven years, guys.  Whether you’re someone who swings by for D&D posts, updates on my side projects, my thoughts about writing, or the mindless banter, I hope you’ve had fun and I look forward to keeping it going.

Up Next: Three years of silence as John forgets that the blog exists again meaning this image of Chloe Sullivan will be the final thing posted here for ages

Chloe Sullivan.